Our Frequently Asked Questions

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How is a home inspection conducted?

Our fully trained, licensed inspectors take the time to make sure we fully evaluate each area of the property.  Starting with the landscaping, roof, exterior, as well as the garage, if one is present.  We’ll work our way up from the basement where all the good stuff is (heating, plumbing, electrical, etc.).  Then work our way through all the living areas and finish up in the attic.  We will explain the property’s components, identify main valves and disconnects, and discuss the maintenance needs that all homes require.  Your inspector plans on answering your questions, so do not hesitate to ask as many as you can.  Our inspectors follow the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies for Home Inspectors and are members of Connecticut Association of Home Inspectors (CAHI)

Should I attend the inspection?

It is recommended that the client attend the inspection.  It is more beneficial to the buyer to see in person what is being described.  Understanding that at times schedules are hard to coordinate, our inspectors work hard to accommodate all timetables.  We offer late appointments, as well as weekend appointments.

How long does an inspection take?

A thorough home inspection may take between two to three hours, depending on the home and condition of the property.  A larger home will take more time to investigate.  Also, our inspectors will take a little extra time with a first-time buyer to assure that they have a base of knowledge in order to maintain their new home.

How much does a home inspection cost?

The price of a home inspection varies due to the numerous styles and sizes of homes in our state.  Please call to discuss your particular home, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote for your inspection.

Why would I want to have a pre-sale Inspection?

In a good market, homes tend to sell quickly.  A pre-sale home inspection is a great way to find out if your home has any issues that may make a buyer hesitant to extend an offer.  By discovering items that need attention before you list your home, you can be one step closer to selling your home when a potential buyer walks through the door.

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