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I like to think that I’ve been a home inspector in the making for most of my adult life. I have always been interested in the various designs and styles of homes in our little slice of the country.  As a young boy, I remember accompanying my uncle when he built a garage onto a house.  He gave me a block of wood, a hammer and some nails to keep me busy as he worked.  The journey then started.  I wanted to be a carpenter, which stuck with me as I got older.  I applied and was accepted to a technical high school, graduated and started working in construction.  I received my license as a home improvement contractor and worked in commercial and residential construction for about 25 years.

When I was buying a home many years ago, I walked the property with my inspector.  I assume that he knew I was quite familiar with the workings of the home and at the end of the inspection, he asked if I had ever thought of becoming a home inspector.  He guided me through the process of training and licensing.  Still to this day, I see him as a mentor and a friend.

Today I am married to my best friend.  Together, we have four children and two pups (they’re always pups no matter their age!).  I still enjoy walking through every home of any shape or size.  I enjoy meeting and helping my clients to the best of my ability and easing them through the process if they are anxious.  I’ve been there – not just as an inspector but as both a buyer and a seller.

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